Dragon Fruit – Pitaya

Bush to Creek Dragon Fruit is a family owned farm on the outskirts of Maryborough in Wide Bay region of Queensland. We grow a wide range of Dragon Fruit or Pitaya varieties from which we sell cuttings and dragon fruit when in season. We have 19 varieties and over 2600 plants. Our varieties include Vietnamese White, Columbian Supreme Red, Dwarf (Prickly) Yellow, Scott’s Purple, Honey White, Delight, Rixford Purple, Lucille Lemonade, Purple Haze, Dark Star, Isis Gold (Aussie Gold), Connie Meyer, Condor, Jungle Jim, Exit, Aztec Gem, Pink Panther, Blush and Voodoo Child.

Dragon Fruit, otherwise known as Pitaya or Pitahaya, is the common name for several species of cacti that bear edible fruit. Dragon Fruit were first named around 1963 and are indigenous to the Americas but are now grown world-wide. In Australia, Dragon Fruit are mostly grown in the Northern Territory (~70%) with the balance split between Queensland and New South Wales.

Dragon Fruit are known as a “Super Fruit”. The the high levels of the antioxidant phytoalbumin in Dragon Fruit means it is considered a ‘super food’. They are rich in antioxidants, low in fat and high in fibre. They are a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus and Magnesium. 

Dragon Fruit are quick growing, with the plant’s first fruit ready for harvest within 18 months to two years of planting. Dragon Fruit are day-long plants and as a result prefer long days. This means that they flower and fruit during the summer months when the days are long and the nights short. The flowers open at night and pollination generally occurs in the early hours of dark with the flower wilting by early morning. Most modern varieties are self-pollinating although larger fruit can be grown with the help of cross pollination.

Dragon Fruit are best eaten fresh with the fruit protected with a tough leathery skin, while the inside pulp is textured with little black seeds.  Dragon Fruit can have different coloured pulp, white being the most common. A Dragon Fruit’s sweetness  is dependant on the variety and the time of year becuase of the levels of stored energy or demand of energy.  The soft fleshy fruit is often used in salads, fruit salads, marmalades, tarts, jellies, ices and soft drinks.

Dwarf Yellow Dragon Fruit Flower
Dragon Fruit Cheesecake

Please enjoy this short video of our farm showing you a little bit about us. Special thanks and credit to James Bush of mrjdbush at www.mrjdbush.com

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